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Terms and Conditions of Use

The following Terms and Conditions of use (also "Terms of Use") govern the user's use of (the "Site" and/or the "Website") which is made available by WellClinic RX ("we", “us” or “our”). When a user uses the Site, the user accepts and agrees to these Terms and Conditions of Use governing the user's use of the Site. Do not use this site if you do not agree to these Terms of Use. The Terms and Conditions of Use may be changed and altered periodically without notice to the user by posting such changes on the Terms and Conditions of Use on this Site. The user agrees that by using the Site following any changes and alteration to the Terms and Conditions of Use that the user is to be bound by the altered and modified Terms and Conditions of Use.  The user is advised that information collected on this Site may be used to populate the applications and programs offered on this Site.

Definition of Service

This website provides information about Health, Wellness, Beauty and Fitness, promotional materials for WellClinic RX, as well as a way to schedule and pay for services and subscriptions (Monthly Plans), and a channel to communicate with us.

User Access

Anyone may access this website unless expressly prohibited. 

Ownership and Copyright

WellClinic RX owns and controls all copyright and intellectual property rights on this website or have received the permission and/or licenses to use material from a third party. Users are hereby notified that WellClinic RX does not grant  any ownership of the website to visitors, nor is this ever implied. However, a user may view the content on this website on a personal computer or device, and make copies of the website content for your personal, non-commercial use only, such as sharing content on social media. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute or directly or indirectly use any content or materials on the website for any commercial endeavor, including marketing for your own brand or misrepresenting content as your own without properly attributing ownership to WellClinic RX. Any user or visitor or person or entity that uses any content from the website, except as explicitly provided above, will be in violation of copyright and other laws of the United States and other countries, in addition to applicable state and local laws and may be subject to liability for such unauthorized use and pursued to the fullest extent of the law for damages and legal fees. No license or other authorization is granted to any user, visitor, person and/or entity of our trade names, trademarks, service marks or other marks or logos, or those of our partners, without express written agreement. Including the policy herein, all third-party trademarks and copyrighted materials are the property of their respective owners.

Using This Website

Information collected directly from the user, such as from submission forms and email sign up forms, is subject to the Website's Privacy Policy, which can be viewed in its entirety by clicking on "Privacy Policy" in the Website Footer Menu. All users and visitors are instructed to review this Privacy Policy before using this website, especially before submitting any voluntary information through these submission forms.  The user agrees to follow the rules set out in the Privacy Policy and is bound by the policies and the terms laid out therein.  Information is not stored indefinitely on this website, nor is it the responsibility of the Website owners to maintain information provided by the users. Information submitted by the users is not checked for authenticity or against a known catalogue of information maintained by any other governing Body. The user is hereby notified that all information at any time can be purged, deleted and/or destroyed without prior notice and no reason shall be provided in this case. When using this Website, the User agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions. While using this website, the following actions are strictly prohibited: Bullying, intimidating, or harming any other user or visitor; sending or receiving malicious code; sending or receiving Spam or similar marketing materials; using the Website as a gateway for illegal activities, knowingly or unknowingly; overloading the Website's servers by repeatedly sending emails or other communication that will cause a load error for other users and visitors.

User Profiles

Any User may create a profile on this Website. It is the sole responsibility of the User to maintain the information on their personal accounts. The User is advised to not share account login information with anyone you do not trust. It is highly recommended that User logs out after each visit. The User is also advised to contact us if they feel like their account or login information has been lost, stolen, or compromised. The User is also advised to maintain, delete or restore their user profile accounts at their own sole discretion. WellClinic RX is not responsible any damages or loss to the user or the visitor if they choose to not comply with the provisions set forth in the Terms of Use.


The Website is provided to the User and/or the Visitor "as is" and is not covered by any warranty, explicit or implied, from WellClinic RX. The content, the information, the user-submitted profiles and data, and the materials on the Website, including data, code, content, functions, images and text, are all provided to the User and/or the Visitor without guarantees that the Website and the data therein will work properly, will function correctly, will be secure, will be virus-free or without malicious code. The User and/or Visitor may stop using the Website if the User/Visitor disagrees with any provision of the Terms of Service. The User/Visitor is hereby notified that the only remedy for any issue the User/Visitor has with the Website and/or using the Website is to stop using the Website. No information that the User/Visitor provides to the Website shall be retained or maintained by the Website; and the User/Visitor agrees that it is the sole responsibility of the User/Visitor to keep, maintain, and safeguard the information provided to the Website, including login information, profile information, and any payment information provided by the User/Visitor. 

Limitation of Liability

WellClinic RX is not liable for any losses incurred by the User/Visitor of this Website and agrees to be fully bound by the Terms of Service of this Website, including loss of business, loss of revenue, loss of business clout, loss of time, and injury to the mental welfare or wellbeing of the User/Visitor that the User/Visitor experiences while using this Website or while visiting this Website or while browsing this Website or while using third-party internet applications such as applications that search the web and provide text and images and data in their search results or third parties that provide functions or marketing or advertising based on aggregated data from the web. TheWebsite and WellClinic RX and associated agents, contractors, marketers, designers, content creators, photographers, agents, affiliates, officers, employees, and service providers shall not be held liable for damages of any kind. If the User/Visitor lives in a jurisdiction that prohibits the use of such exclusions of warranties, then the User/Visitor is hereby notified that by using this Website the User/Visitor may only seek in recompense for any and all damages and injury incurred by the User/Visitor the sum of the cost of using this Website. We are not liable for the content, code, functions and/or data on this Website, whether posted, transmitted, sent or received by any person, user, visitor, party, and/or entity that visits and/or uses this Website. 

Laws of the Land 

This Website is controlled and operated in the United States of America. The User/Visitor is advised to review their local laws and/or check with local law enforcement before visiting and/or using this website. If the User/Visitor is prohibited by Law from using and/or visiting this Website, then the User/Visitor is hereby notified to stop using this Website and immediately exit this Website. The User/Visitor or their legal guardian and/or custodian is solely responsible for compliance with all Laws applicable to the User/Visitor. There is no guarantee, implicit or explicit, that this Website will function properly or even be available everywhere. This Website's Terms of Use and the legal bond created herein shall be governed by and interpreted by the State of California, without regard to conflict-of-law provisions. The User/Visitor agrees that by visiting and/or using this Website that the User/Visitor shall submit to the Laws of the Sate of California if any case is submitted pertaining to this Website's Terms of Use, and that the User/Visitor may only submit such claims or commence an action in the appropriate court in California. If any of these provisions laid out in this Website's Terms of Use shall be invalidated, whether by technicality or for any reason, that the remaining provisions of the Terms of Use shall not be invalidated and/or be unenforceable.

Changes and Modifications to the Terms of Use

The User/Visitor is hereby notified that the Terms of Use can be modified from time to time and without prior notice by posting such edits, changes and modifications to this Terms of Use Page; and the User/Visitor is advised to review these Terms or Use before visiting and/or using this Website. 

Legal Terms

This Website, being controlled and owned by WellClinic RX, is governed by the Laws of the State of California, without regard to conflict-of-law provisions, any actions shall be submitted and commenced in Los Angeles, California. All Visitors and/or Users of this Website consent that they shall submit to the Jurisdiction of the Laws of the State of California and that the State and Federal courts in Los Angeles are the only venue for such actions. Even if an actions is not actually commenced, the User/Visitor agrees that the prevailing party in any action is entitled to recover attorney fees, legal fees, and other costs associated with the action, whether or not commenced by the User/Visitor. Even if a Provision of this Website's Terms of Use shall be invalidated the party of the action submitted or commenced or even never commenced shall not be deemed to have prevailed because the change and/modification/invalidation of one or several provisions in this Website's Terms of Use when said change/modification/invalidation shall be in the the disadvantage or advantage of the party. 

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