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50 minutes assessment stretch now only $49
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25 minute proactive stretch now only $29
*Price for first appointment only.

Flexibility equals youth. As we age, we become more rigid and stiff. Even if you work out by lifting weights and doing cardio, your muscles and joints can become less supple if you don’t address flexibility. By stretching regularly, you’ll renew your body and slow down the effects of the aging process.


Get a specially curated stretch designed by our stretch techs to correct posture, increase flexibility, mobility and balance. This includes an initial consultation which consists of a flexibility and range-of-motion analysis. Following, our stretch techs will construct a plan of action to help clients reach their desired results.  


Stretch+ Add-Ons:

($30 each​)

Nurse Jamie Beauty Blade

Reduce cellulite & wrinkles

Nurse Jamie Uplift Body

Improve circulation

Nurse Jamie Super-Cryo Massaging Orb

Firming & rejuvenation

Nurse Jamie Theragun Massage

Muscle massage