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  • 25 minutes
  • 55 US dollars

Kick back, relax and luxuriate in lower-body NormaTec compression! Receive the benefits of lymphatic drainage, safer recovery and muscular massage in our deluxe recliners. Compression therapy uses pulsating technology delivered via leg boots. These leg boots deliver sequential and pulsating compression to a particular area, systematically enhancing blood flow and lymphatic fluid removal. Benefits Include: ● Lactic acid and lymphatic flushing (removing toxins) ● Reduces inflammation and water accumulation ● Improved (better) and enhanced (healthier) circulation ● Accelerated recovery, so you are rejuvenated and ready for the next workout ● Helps prevent and eliminate first-stage varicose veins Packages available: 3 Sessions $140.25 6 Sessions $265 (Please call for purchasing information and scheduling your appointment.)

Cancellation Policy

At WellClinic RX we are eager to meet your scheduling needs. In doing so, we have a 24-hr cancellation policy. All appointments require a credit card authorization upon booking. If your appointment is not cancelled before the specified time, you may be charged the full amount of your service. Thank you for your understanding and consideration regarding this matter.

  • 140 South Barrington Place, Los Angeles, CA 90049, USA


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