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Introducing the brand new
Whole Body Wellness Experience
by celebrity skin expert Nurse Jamie

50 minute assessment stretch is now $49 on your first visit. View Schedule
25 minute proactive stretch is now $29 on your first visit. View Schedule 

Summer Beauty Camp

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Experience your best skin with the help of today's cutting edge beauty tools. Freeze away the years with a Cryo Facial... Lift away stress and fine lines with specialized Radio Frequency massages... Infrared toners and Microcurrent sculpting techniques that will bring out the best in your skin.

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Ready to become a whole lot COOLER? Experience the true whole-body cryotherapy chamber. Just 2-3 minutes of cold exposure will aid in reduced inflammation, enhanced immunity function and rejuvenation throughout the entire body. 

Not quite ready to try the full body cryotherapy? Try our local cryotherapy designed to target specific areas of the body to relieve muscle and joint pain. Local cryotherapy takes icing to the next level by reducing swelling and inflammation. 

The benefits of whole body cryotherapy include a reduction in inflammation, improving mental and physical well-being. Regular cryotherapy visits can burn calories and boost metabolism, which in turn can help with overall wellness and weight loss. 

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Youthful equals flexibility. As we age, we become more rigid and stiff. Even if you work out by lifting weights and doing cardio, your muscles and joints can become less supple if you don’t address your flexibility. By stretching regularly, you’ll renew your body and slow down the effects of the aging process. 

Get a specially curated stretch designed by our stretch techs to correct posture, increase flexibility, mobility and balance. This includes an initial consultation which consists of a full-body flexibility and range-of motion analysis. Following, our stretch techs will construct a plan of action to help get clients to their desirable results. 

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Regular Stretching = Youthful Flexibility

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